“You Do This, Dumb B**ch!”: Maryland Man Flips Out And Goes Berzerk At McDonald’s Drive Thru Window

A man in White Marsh, Maryland went berzerk at a McDonald’s last week, throwing drinks as workers and demanding that they turn over food to him. And of course, it was all captured on a viral Tik Tok video, The New York Post reported last week.  

Well, at least somewhere in a server room in China, the government cybersecurity experts getting paid to review all of the U.S.’s Tik Tok footage for national security secrets got to have a laugh. 

According to The New York Post, an unidentified man, donned in a beanie, blue polo, and sunglasses, aggressively opens the drive-thru window of a McDonald’s in White Marsh, Maryland, about 16 miles from Baltimore. He confronts an employee, harshly telling them: “You do this! You do this, dumb b—h!”

In his rage, he snatches a serving of fries and a small beverage from the counter typically used for assembling drive-thru orders and hurls them at a staff member. Then, he took a large soda and tossed it into the eatery, causing people off-screen to react with gasps and screams. It remains unclear if anyone was injured in the incident.

Furiously, he yells “Shut it down right now!” while attempting to dismantle the soda fountain. “Give me some food!” he demands, gesturing towards the interior of the McDonald’s, apparently targeting one of the workers.

“I own all this stuff!” he then yells, looking at the cash register. In a fit of rage, the man wrenches the cash register from its mount, causing a cascade of registers and other equipment to topple. Frustrated, he shakes the rack, demanding “some damn real food.”

He then aggressively insists on being served “some f—ing food,” to which a visible staff member assures him that his meal is being prepared. A woman’s voice in the background of the video, which has attracted over 69,000 views since its posting, confirms, “He’s cooking your order right now.”

Demanding fries, he points through the window, threatening, “Give me that bag of fries right there,” and repeats his demand with an added threat towards an employee.

The man was charged that day, according to ABC. 

You can watch the entire wonderful exchange here:


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