YouTube Suppresses The Gateway Pundit’s Interview with Stephen Gardner – Allegedly Not Because of TGP Website but Based on Jim Hoft’s Name!

Jim Hoft on the Stephen Gardner Show

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft recently joined Stephen Gardner to discuss current events, including government overreach, citing the lawfare against President Trump and his family, and the censorship of private citizens’ speech.  The Gateway Pundit is the lead plaintiff in the Missouri-Louisiana vs. Biden lawsuit on free speech rights in America. The lawsuit is expected to reach the US Supreme Court and is being described as the free speech lawsuit of the century.

The two also discussed the glaring media bias in the attacks on President Trump while this same media ignores the Biden crime family’s criminal acts, perversion, and corruption.

After the video was posted Stephen Gardner notified The Gateway Pundit to describe how YouTube is apparently censoring the video. Garnder contends that the platform is suppressing the interview based on Jim Hoft’s name!

Gardner has almost a million and a half subscribers on his channel and his videos consistently gain huge numbers of views.

But, not this time. Gardner, noticed that despite the high positive rating and high click-through rate, views suddenly stalled, leading him to believe YouTube is suppressing wider access to the video.

Gardner explains, “The video hit hard within my own subs that are notified. This usually tells YouTube people are liking this thumbnail and title. Then it had a higher click-through rate but YouTube wasn’t showing it to people. Then I started losing subscribers, which doesn’t happen. Suddenly it showed I lost 25 subscribers but the comments were mostly positive and appreciative. Lastly, people watched on average 9:44 of the interview.”

He continues, “It had  99.4% positive thumbs up to 0.6% thumbs down which is higher than my channel average! Usually, this means a video is liked, watched longer and pushed out, but that didn’t happen. My average video gets 150,000 views and my average interview closer to 200,000+ and we barely got to 100,000 after 6 days.”

“All this leads me to believe we were suppressed.”

So did YouTube censor the video based on Jim Hoft’s name? It looks like it.

America First Legal recently discovered that a high level figure in the Government Censorship Complex that includes Google and Youtube and top social media platforms called on the tech elites to censor The Gateway Pundit “not just by the accounts but by sites.”

So does this mean they are now censoring not just The Gateway Pundit, not just our social media, not just our reports in the search engines, but also the name of our founder, Jim Hoft? It sure looks that way!

Don’t let YouTube suppress this interview.

Please watch below:

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